KOSGEB to 50 thousand TL up to the appropriate payment credit facility

KOSGEB, which has opened a new support program to provide capital support to the SMEs within the payment trouble, announced that it plans to apply loan interest support for 50 thousand TL. It is requested that the statements registered in the KOSGEB database are up-to-date only for the benefit of the program for which the repayment is foreseen for a total of 36 months without paying for 12 months. Salihli Chamber of Commerce and Industry Chairman Ibrahim Yuksel, who stated that "Operation Support Loan Interest Support" program will create an important support for SMEs, urged businesses in economic trouble to benefit from this benefit. "Our members do not miss this opportunity!" Yüksel said that those who are enrolled in the database should update their knowledge and those who are not enrolled in the database should enroll immediately. Yüksel pointed out that Salihli TSO provided free services to the members in this regard. KOSGEB will cover the interest rate of the loan to be used on the banks while the upper limit of 50 thousand TL per business is determined within the scope of the program. The loan will be free of interest with a total of 36 months, with the first 12 months payable and the remaining three months payable in equal installments.