Salihli TSO's members breathing credit

Salihli Chamber of Commerce and Industry participated with 1 million TL for the Breath of Credits application, which was launched by the Turkish Chambers and Commodity Exchanges Association to relieve SMEs economically. Ziraat Bank and Denizbank branch managers and Salihli TSO management and councilors participated in the meeting held in Salihli TSO on the subject. Breathing Credit Promotion Meeting Ziraat Bank Salihli Branch Manager İsmet Öztürk, Republic Branch Manager Burak Çakır, Kula Branch Manager Özkan Canan, Selendi Branch Manager İrfan Sevim; Denizbank Salihli Branch Manager Ali Gündaş and Kula Branch Manager Ferhat Şen were present. Salihli TSO Chairman Ibrahim Yüksel, Parliament Speaker Suleyman Oral, board of directors and council members attended the information meeting.Salihli Chamber of Commerce and Industry Chairman İbrahim Yüksel emphasized that the troubles experienced in neighboring countries are reflected negatively in the Turkish economy in his talk that he started his life in a terrorist attack in Istanbul by losing his life and giving sadness and past wishes for the wounded martyrs and wounded. Terrorist organizations on one side, Yüksel on the other side of the battle and conflicts of the border neighbors, Yüksel said that the tradesmen, merchants and industrialists had a great struggle to continue their business. Yüksel stated that they decided to support the "Breathing Credits" application initiated by the TOBB, as a Chamber Assembly, in order to alleviate some of the troubles that are going on: "TOBB's T.C. Ziraat Bank and Denizbank A.Ş. We signed with the protocol with 1 million TL. With an annual interest rate of 9.90 percent and an interest rate of 0.825 percent per month, our members will be able to borrow money from these two banks. We set the upper limit at 50 thousand TL. According to today's conditions, a very good interest rate is provided. Salihli, Kula and Selendi members will benefit from this opportunity." Salihli stated that TSO has contributed TL 1 million, TOBB contributed TL 9 million and total loan amount has increased to TL 10 million. "If the upper limit of 50 thousand TL is used, 200 members can benefit from this loan" . If the amount used is lower, the number of beneficiary members is also higher. We can increase the amount of credit as a management if we see that the demand continues in the case of using 1 million of the whole ". The members of Salihli Branch of the Bank of Salihli, Ismet Ozturk, stated that this practice for members of Salihli TSO is worthy of a prize, stating that the members will apply to the bank by taking the "Breathing Credits" activity certificate from the TSO and if the Credit Guarantee Fund accepts it. Denizbank Salihli Branch Manager Ali Gündaş stated that Denizbank also puts the hand under the stone, as well as TOBB and Chambers, and this practice should give the economy some relief.