Salihli TSO members, İş Bank with a suitable interest rate credit facility

Salihli Chamber of Commerce and Industry made a protocol with İş Bank as a result of negotiations with İş Bank with the aim of benefiting its members with affordable credit facilities in order to be able to breathe economically. Salihli TSO'da protocol to sign the ceremony Regional Sales Managers Hürol Hopan and Atilla Gönen bank, Salihli branch manager Fikret Esirgen, İş Bank II. Director Nurşen Çakıroğlu and Customer Representative Emrah Korucu and Salihli TSO took part in the meeting. İşbank's Salihli Branch Manager Fikret Esirgen, who indicated that the appropriate conditions to be offered to the Salihli TSO members would be applied to a wide range of products, pointed out that this practice would take a comfortable breath to businessmen in the district. Salihli TSO Chairman Ibrahim Yüksel said that this advantage that the bank offered in an environment where the economic data is becoming increasingly unfavorable and where the dollar is constantly valued is very valuable for them and that it will be a life water for the markets and that the members will breathe a bit. We take advantage of the bank's facilities at a relatively favorable interest rate of 0.99 per month. We expect other banks to have similar advantages to the business world. "