We have set our four-year goals together with our members

Preparing a strategic plan for an institution to view its activities and programming its activities accordingly is one of the main conditions for planning and acting accordingly, using time and resources in the most efficient way.

Our first task was to make the Internal and External Stakeholder workshop as soon as we arrived in order to identify and plan the needs and expectations of our customers in Salihli, Kula and Selendi, our service areas for four years. We discussed the strengths and weaknesses, opportunities and threats of Salihli TSO for two days with our internal stakeholders, members of the council and committee members. We then carried out the same work with our external stakeholders in Salihli, the institutions, organizations and press representatives. We have a wealth of data that we will definitely benefit from when we are very rich and determined our goals.

After this extensive experience, Salihli created TSO's 2017 vision and mission. Strategic, but we have identified ours. The obtained data are shown in the table below. We specified:


2-   To guide the regional economic development,

3-   Competency in corporate development, being a solution center for innovation and regional cooperation in our services,

4-   To be focused on education, health and employment in social responsibility.

Our strategic objectives, which we set out in four articles, are actually very detailed sub-titles. It is possible to examine them individually in our strategic plan book. Our strategic plan, which includes all the things that need to be done to promote Salihli, our goals to increase the satisfaction of our members, and the activities that need to be done in order to reach our targets, Salihli TSO has become almost the Constitution

Salihli, Kula and Selendi in the preparation of the Strategic Plan, which we believe will create added value for our members and our city's economy.


İbrahim Yüksel

Salihli TSO President of the Board of Directors